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Underrated: P. Diddy, Faith Evans & 8Ball/MJG • 'Roll With Me' • ☆☆☆☆☆

Admin | Published thu Oct 12, 2017 6:17 pm | 1217 Views

POSTED ON 19/11/2008

This week’s random track comes in the form of the fantastic “Roll With Me”, a track taken from the 2001 P. Diddy & The Bad Boy The Family album “The Saga Continues…”. I mainly adore the track for the gorgeous production by Spike Leroy & Jamal Rasheed which is basically an expansion on Candido’s “1000 Finger Man”. However, just by subtle changes in instrumentation from the original, the track is morphed into what sounds like something from the RPG Final Fantasy 7 (check out the music in the Midgar sewers and you’ll see what I mean) and completely out of the ordinary from your usual rap beat. Although the producers were probably clueless of this comparison I’m still gonna applaud them for one of my most adored rap productions, I mean what other rap track could I quote as featuring stellar raps from Puffy and Eightball & MJG and a laid back well-delivered chorus from Faith Evans, all vocalised over an instrumental from FF7?Raps Written By: Mark Curry (for Puffy), Primrose Smith (8-Ball) & Jermaine Goodwin (MJG)Chorus Written By: Faith Evans, Adonis Shropshire, Mechalie Jamison & Michael “Lo Down” JonesProduced By: Spike Leroy & Jamal RasheedAll Instruments By: Spike Leroy, Jamal Rasheed & Mario Winans

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