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Underrated: Puff Johnson 'All Over Your Face' • JD/Carlsolowe/ChuckyT • ☆☆☆☆☆

Admin | Published thu Oct 12, 2017 7:19 pm | 1032 Views

POSTED ON 14/10/2008

01 Chucky T.’s Remix No Rap – 3:29
02 Chucky T.’s Remix Clean Rap – 3:48
03 Chucky T.’s Remix – 3:50
04 Chucky T.’s Remix Inst – 3:28

The year was 1996, right smack in the middle of my most adored era for music, when this track was released unfortunately to almost no notice. Girl had some nice chops: a typical 90s girl sexy, throaty vocal and the production on the original track was fantastic by Jermaine Dupri & Carl-So-Lowe, an unnerving heavily gangster rap-influenced beat sounding fantastic under Puff’s gorgeous sugar sweet voice.

Bad Boy associate Chucky Thompson brought the heat on the remix though, it must have been awful to remix such an awesomely produced track but I’m not surprised a fantastic producer (see: MJB – “My Life”) as he did it complete justice, I think he’s the guy on the rap verse as well so he got rap skills too! Just a simple heavy drumline and some classic 90s harp twangs, nothing serious, but its the business!

Unfortunately even with a decent mainstream Mariah Carey-inspired debut album executive produced by Randy Jackson as well as heavy R&B tracks like this one Puff was never heard from again after this single. Some tracks were recorded around 98 [presumably for a second album] with big names but nothing ever came of it, some of the 90s biggest names are listed below on Puff's BMI registry.

Between registering 100s of songs on BMI, Johnson wrote the track 'Me' produced by Shep Crawford, for Tamia's fantastic album 'Between Friends' in 2006. Unfortunately she lost a battle with cancer in 2013. I hope someone eventually does a tribute collection with all the fantastic tracks she wrote below. RIP Ewanya Puff Johnson. x

Darkchild/LaShawn Daniels, Chucky Thompson, Soulshock & Karlin/Biker/Kipper Jones, Walter Afanasieff, Bud'da, Damon Thomas, Troy Oliver, Cory Rooney/Mark Morales, Kenny Kornegay/Darrin Whittington, Ginuwine, Tim & Bob, Camus Celli, Kip Collins, Montell Jordan, Curtis [Sauce] Wilson/Rochad Holiday, Mark J Feist, Leela James, Warryn 'Baby Dubb' Campbell, Damon Sharpe, Denise Rich, Greg Charley/Teddy Bishop/J Que, Chuckie Booker, Narada Michael Warden

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