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Underrated: Melrose • 'Ever' • Adonis Shropshire/Danja • ☆☆☆☆/☆

Admin | Published thu Oct 12, 2017 7:33 pm | 1195 Views

POSTED ON 14/10/2008

One of the many girl groups launched after Danity Kane's success around 2006, and also [as with JADA ]with DK's producer Danja, Melrose were launched on songwriter Adonis' Motown label Big House Ent. This, along with the fantastic Darkchild-produced 'Trade Up' were their only released promo tracks.

The song finds Danja in one of his rare stripped back productions with his infamous drums and some synths which Adonis has the girls make up for with their breathy vocals and ad libs which take centre stage. Although I prefer Danja's synth heavy bangers when you get somebody as talented as Adonis writing it really doesn't matter as the sound totally fits with the girls vocal showcase ala En Vogue.

Already down to 2 members by 2007, Mylah [centre] ended up signing solo with Adonis, even re-recording 'Ever' and being introduced to/produced by his associate Bryan Michael Cox for a couple of EPs. The other girls I guess dropped out of the industry like many of the promising girl members of the time [see: Sophia Fresh, Missez, Dear Jayne] With the recent success of only Little Mix and Fifth Harmony let's hope they can make a comeback eventually because they're my favourite music format!

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