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•New Music: @Justine Skye • 'Don't Think About It' • ☆☆☆☆☆ • RAYE/Sam Romans/TMS

Admin | Published sat Oct 14, 2017 1:39 pm | 1008 Views

Another fantastic promo single from RocNation's own Justine Skye. This is my favourite track of hers hands down up to now besides 'Girlfriend' and the quality stays sky high and strictly R&B. The track is giving me serious throwback vibes with references to DJ Mustard's 90s hip hop and Disclosure's epic 00s garage/dance mashups. The 3 part verse end/pre hook/hook is also genius and gives you a great build up to the killer chorus. Justine's ad libs as always bring the track to the next level of a pro sound that another artist might not have taken it to.

Three UK acts/geniuses worked on this [google: RAYE, ROMANS and production trio TMS] and Justine once again slays on her vocal interpretations sounding like yet another equally fierce artist. [with RAYE's swag also coming through on this too]

Some might call it inconsistent but I'm a massive fan of changing vocal styles with each songwriter/single, not every artist has to be/have a songwriter/producer with a theme and concept its just as fun having a label-made album. [I often prefer these as without the proper skills attempts at 'whole albums' can be tragic, see JT's 20/20 first disc, thank god for Part 2] Although Justine has proved she can do a consistent body of work already with her fantastic EP '8 OUNCES' being a highlight of her 3 EPs as yet.

I'm absolutely loving these regular single/promo releases from my girl. Not only is it the best way to feel out for a hit single that sticks but is also a great way to keep your name out there in the music world irregardless of its chart success. I wish my other fave Tinashe would follow suit and keep releasing regular singles [even just digitally without videos] until something hits the mainstream.

It is impossible to predict a hit these days, there is no blueprint anymore. With the billboard charts finally bringing in YouTube plays to the charts though, I'm hoping hardworking straight up 'new' R&B girls like Justine, Tinashe, LeToya and Tamar start to chart [many of them have millions of youtube and spotify plays but no charting singles because of bad labels etc] on billboard and other streaming-only charts too.

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